Healthy Groups Assessment

This assessment tool can help us learn about the health of your group based on biblical values and the BridgePointe Mission; "To Make Disciples of Jesus in Relationships." This tool will help us celebrate areas of good health and discuss ways to improve growth areas as needed. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what is going on in your group, we appreciate you. 

Healthy Groups Survey

Name *
Weekly gatherings occupy a high priority for group members?
People pray for each other/share each other's burdens?
Participation from all members; does everyone join the conversation?
People share with vulnerability/transparency?
Group members are equipped to care for the needs of others?
Leader pursues group members who are inconsistent or absent?
Leader maintains regular contact with group (email, text, or personal contact)?
Leader and members are looking for people to invite?
Apprentices are identified, acknowledged, and given opportunities to lead?
Group has a clear vision of it's future; first to grow and then to multiply?