We regularly provide the opportunity for individuals to express and celebrate their commitment to Jesus through baptism. These baptism celebrations usually take place on Sundays right after services. In the summer, we have two outdoor events that provide the opportunity to be baptized in Narragansett Bay. 

Through baptism, we identify with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Going under the water illustrates the death of our “old self” and coming up out of the water portrays the reality of our new life in Jesus.  


If you haven't been baptized, and you feel ready, email and we'll help you take this next step in following Jesus. 

Sometimes we have questions. Why is Jesus good news for me? How do I receive forgiveness for sin and begin a renewed relationship with God? What is baptism all about? BridgePointe staff and ministry leaders are available to speak with you to help you understand the hope Jesus offers and how to respond.

Email to start the conversation.