BridgePointe This Summer

Travel, family, vacation, projects, fitness – there’s so much we want to cram into our summers. At BridgePointe we want to help you move closer to Jesus this summer. Here’s our summer bucket list:

  1. Gather on Sundays
    With all the chillaxing that happens in summer, don’t let coming on Sundays slide! Our three service times - 9 am, 10:45 am and 6 pm – can help you stay consistent whatever your weekend plans may be. We all need a reset each Sunday to live the life God intends for us the rest of the week.

  2. Love your neighbor
    Each week we Pray for One and as we’ve been going through Acts together, we’ve been compelled to take action and Share with One. This summer, reach out to those around you. Invite them over for dinner, or identify a need in your community and together go and meet it.

  3. Hang out with your church
    Pick a couple of events from our Summer Together calendar and hang out with your church! The events we’ve created are just a starting point for you. Find someone in the lobby you’ve been meaning to connect with and make plans to grab a coffee or an ice cream cone. Get your group together for a BBQ, or invite that new family you noticed over for a playdate. Groups may take a break for the summer, but our relationships with each other shouldn’t.