Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team! Being a part of a team gives us a sense of identity and belonging. Serving is sacrifice because it causes us to give up something valuable—our time and energy. When we make the sacrifices to serve, those who are making the same sacrifice for the same purpose with us become deeply endeared to us.
It’s part of what makes church begin to feel like family.  

Each of us wants to make a difference with our lives. God has given precious resources to each of us- time, talents, abilities, personality, experiences, and spiritual gifts. Serving the church is about using our God-given resources for our God-given purpose. Whether in a BP Kids classroom, at the café, or on stage with a guitar, God wants us to use whatever He has given us to help more people become disciples of Jesus. 



Visit our online sign-up form to see where we need help.  Check off any roles you are interested in and submit the form.  Once we receive the form we will follow up and give you next steps!  Thanks!