+ONE Campaign

God, please give us one person to share your love with.

We pray this prayer because we believe that everyone matters to God. 

We truly believe there is hope for everyone.

And as a church, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help ONE more person know Jesus and be changed by Him.

As we have prayed this prayer over the past three years, Sunday attendance has tripled and we have witnessed over 150 people commit their lives to Jesus and receive His forgiveness, hope and life.  As a result, we are in the process of moving BridgePointe to a larger space across the street. We have decided to call this relocation our +ONE campaign to remind us of the prayer that brought us to this point, and remind us of reason we are pushing forward.



After almost a year of searching for a new facility, God has opened the door for us to move across Waterman Avenue to a space twice as big as what we currently have. This new building will keep the church in the center of its circle of influence, enabling us to expand upon the great reputation we’ve established in the name of Jesus throughout East Providence and across the whole East Bay. This relocation will allow the church to double in size, giving us the capacity to share the hope of Jesus with hundreds of new people over the next several years. 



How many people will this building enable us to reach? 

The auditorium will have room for just under 300 people. When we consider children's classrooms and volunteers, we expect this facility to hold about 325-350 per service. We will start with two services, but could grow into three again. We believe that we could grow to an average Sunday attendance of 800-850 people in three services at this new location! This is a little more than double our current size. 

The design team has carefully configured the layout to leave future expansion as an option, too. We don't know how or when God will produce growth, but we want to have as many options as possible for when He does. 

When can we expect to be in the new space?

That's a great question! The short answer is that we don't know for sure. We originally thought we could be in the building by the beginning of 2017, but we were wrong. We are going to work as hard as we can to make room for more as soon as possible. The more people who help with this project, the quicker we can move. At the moment we expect to be in the building by the summer. 

Can volunteers help with the renovations?

Absolutely! We have project teams for every aspect of the project, from framing and flooring to painting and prayer. There is a place for volunteers of every level of skill and experience. Use this form to sign up for a team and get involved in the project. 

What is the financial need of the relocation project?

Through faithful generosity and stewardship, the church has been able to save over the past year in anticipation of a relocation. This, plus the funds contributed by the landlord, will get us into the new space with the bare necessities we need to obtain a certificate of occupancy. However, in order for this resource to be what we need to carry out the ongoing work of the church, we need about $75,000 for finishing the project. Through the +ONE Offering which occurred on Sunday, October 2nd, the church generously contributed $55,000 towards our goal. If you would like to help us meet our goal, you can still make a donation to the +ONE Offering.