40 Days in John

Day 13 - Prayer & Fasting

As we continue in our 40 Days in John together, we have reached our second day of fasting and prayer. For this Wednesday and the remaining Wednesdays of Lent our intentions will include a prayer point for each of the following: 

  • The Cross - to turn our attention to the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • The Word - to reinforce the primary challenge of Sunday’s teaching.
  • The Church - to pray together for the Gospel work that we share.

Here are the prayer points for Day 13, February 28

An Invitation to Lent

An Invitation to Lent

With the pace and chaos of life, it is easy for even the most important things to sneak up on us. Maybe you’ve experienced this with an anniversary, birthday, holiday or big appointment. You knew it was coming, but you still weren’t ready for it. The problem is that these moments might lose significance without anticipation and preparation.