Baptism Celebration - August 24


Kevin Cassamas

I grew up in a lightly religious Episcopalian household, we attended church periodically and it was typically viewed as more of an obligation than a true religious experience. Even as a child and the youngest of my family it was typically I who would request that we attend church and on holidays, as I would attempt to bring at least some of the focus to Jesus instead of the commercial aspects of the celebration. As I grew older, I began to view myself as an intellectual, and I would often scoff at the idea of a priest or pastor attempting to teach me things I could learn myself. Always searching for answers through reading the Bible and other religious books of note, I decided that I alone could discover what God truly meant to me and the idea of organized religion began to seem like an antiquated way of worshipping.

Once I married my wife, who is very religious, I started attending church more frequently at her request. Although my attendance was increasing, the views the pastor held conflicted with my own beliefs and made me resent the idea of going to church. After a particularly fire and brimstone sermon, I decided I would no longer attend. This left a large hole in the fabric of my life and marriage. I’ve lived a blessed life and often pray, but there was something still missing. I thank God everyday for my wife who insisted that we find a new church, a task I procrastinated on for some time, but finally through the grace of God was able to complete. My barber and longtime friend suggested BridgePointe’s Easter service to me and told me of his own journey to Christ through BridgePointe. Since then I’ve grown in my participation and beliefs through the Rooted group, volunteering, attending service weekly and receiving communion. I was baptized as a baby, but that choice was made for me by my parents and godparents. Now I will be baptized as a choice I made for myself. I am one!


Cindy Giroux

I’ve always knew that Jesus was there with me. I always knew that He loved me and that I was a child of God. The challenge was living in the way of Jesus and His teachings. But I always came back to Jesus. I’ve been involved with different churches throughout my life always looking….always searching. There were times when the actions of church members (myself included) did not seem to be how Jesus would want us to live. So I would fall away and begin the search again. But I never forgot about my loving heavenly Father, the saving grace of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. While searching for a Christian community that shared my beliefs, I devoted myself to prayer, study and reflection.

That’s when Natasha stepped in. Every so often, I would mention to her that I missed worship and that I was looking for a church. She invited me to BridgePointe a couple of times. Finally I attended on Christmas Eve and continued to come. At one service, I got to observe the baptisms of two young men. That is when I started to think about baptism. I was baptized as a baby and I was confirmed…...was baptism for me? After many months of attending BridgePointe and hearing the Word, I made the decision…..Yes I was ready to commit to Jesus through baptism. This decision grew especially as I engaged in reading the book of Acts. At every turn, new believers heard the good news of Jesus Christ…..professed Him as Lord….and were baptized. I too have accepted Jesus as my savior and I want to be baptized.

I now have a different relationship with Jesus. One that is grounded in the Bible and committed to sharing the gospel to everyone I meet. I do that in the way I speak and treat them. My actions matter. Therefore, I’m mindful to let others know Jesus in my behavior. But more importantly, I openly talk about my belief in Jesus, what He has done for me, and the promise of eternal life.


Gina Laroche

I accepted Jesus as my Savior over 25 years ago and attended a Christian church as an adult. When my mother became ill and could no longer attend church, I stopped going to focus on caring for her. My mom was called home almost 4 years ago and since then I have tried to find a church where I fit in, felt welcomed and could feel the presence of God.
I attended the baptism of my nephew Tom Harrington at BridgePointe this past January. I immediately connected with the Pastor’s message that day and knew in my heart I had finally found my Christian home.
Being baptized today seals my commitment to Jesus and marks the start of a new beginning.
Thank you for praying for me. I am One!


Alison Marston

I was baptized when I was a baby and to this day it still means so much to me. Of course, being 10 days old at the time I had no idea, but as I grew I was raised to know Jesus and why my parents dedicated my life to Him through baptism.

Making the decision to get re-baptized at 45 was so extremely personal and deeply moving. It took me a long time to take the step. I wanted to reconfirm my heart and soul to Jesus. I want His way not the ways of this world. As we all know, this is not always easy. I feel that making this declaration in front of my church will keep me accountable and serve as a beautiful reminder to my commitment to Jesus.

I have been coming to BridgePointe for about 5 years off and on. Over the last year I decided to become more involved and go deeper. I joined the First Impressions Team and developed some very special friendships. I am forever grateful for this. My now dear friend, Ulana Chapman has walked with me through this journey to my re-baptism. Having her be in the water and baptize me meant so much. Thank you, Ulana and thank you, BridgePointe! I have to say, being in the warm (yes it was warm :), sparkling water on a stunningly beautiful day, and recommitting my life to Jesus was nothing short of experiencing pure joy and peace.


Lauren Stevens

Growing up, I was always taught that “everything happens for a reason” and had no strong belief system that resonated with me. I was lost without really knowing it. As I got older, I struggled a lot in my teenage years, I lost my mom to cancer when I was 15 and through my grief, I struggled with anxiety and depression. I saw no future for myself and saw nothing other than more suffering in my life. I felt like I had nowhere to turn and realized truly how lost and alone I was.

When I met my husband in college, he brought me to church with him and it began my journey of getting to know who God is. It felt like a slow process of “un-learning” certain misconceptions I had and replacing them with concrete knowledge of God’s character and witnessing His love for us. I remember being so in awe that He wants a relationship with each of us and wants to hear what we have to say. Every day I am reminded of this and humbled by His greatness and love. I am so thankful to be growing in my faith and learning more each day.

Knowing now that Jesus died for my sins is more than I can really put into words. I am forgiven, even when I find it hard to forgive myself. I am loved more than I can fathom. I feel free rather than lost, loved rather than broken, and now I know that not everything happens for a reason, but rather God gives reason to all things. He has given reason to the hardest thing in my life, because without that desperation, that emptiness I felt, I don’t know if I ever would have sought anything more. He was there for me in the darkest moments, even though I did not know Him then, He knew me and knew I would come to know Him in time. I am so excited to take this step in my faith as an adult and to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.


Arthur B.