BP Kids: July "Funday Sundays"

Hey BP Kids!

I bet you have loved being out of school. I hope you are having fun soaking up the sun and enjoying what our community has to offer. I have some exciting, fun BP Kids news for you!

This July, we are having a series of “Sunday Funday” Dress Up Days as a way to focus on joy and prayer. Every Sunday in July is a Dress Up Day, themed with a different way for you to come dressed up to BP. Then, we are inviting you and your family to pray for a topic that relates to the theme for the rest of the week. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone. Many of your friends and teachers from the ministry will be dressing up and praying along with you too.  

Sunday Funday Dress Up Days

July 7 - Red, White, & Blue Day
Pray for this country we live in and wear your patriotic best. 

July 14 - BP Blue Day
Don your blue socks, shirts, and maybe even hair and pray for your church, BridgePointe, and the community we are a part of.

July 21 - “One” Day
Wear mix-matched colors, textures, and patterns to represent all the unique & different people around us, and pray that God gives you one more person to share His love, and your story with. 

July 28 - Hero Day
Dress like a superhero, role model, or local hero. Join us in praying for the local heroes that help keep your families of BP Kids safe.

I hope these Sunday Fundays will help you make some memories with your friends at BP Kids, and give you a way to talk to God a whole lot this month. He hears your prayers, and He made you to do some big things for those around you. So go get your costumes and hearts ready to have an amazing month of July. 

- Mr. Mike