Lent 2019: Fasting Together

Lent is practiced by many Christian traditions and we believe it can be a powerful season of turning our hearts towards Jesus. You don’t have to fully understand Lent to participate. It’s not about religious symbols or language. It’s all about Jesus. The Lenten season helps us focus on the most important event of our faith – the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Historically, many Christians have fasted as part of Lent, imitating Jesus’ fast during the 40 days in the wilderness before He started His public ministry. Fasting is a biblical practice in which God’s people choose to abstain from food for a specific period of time in order to concentrate on God, their greatest desire and source of satisfaction. We live in a culture of desires, excess and luxury. Fasting rejects those desires and proclaims that our greatest desire is God.

The Bible says in Matthew 4:4, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Fasting is a tangible way for us to say this is true for our lives.

When we choose to practice a food fast together we believe the results can be powerful. During Lent, BridgePointe’s teaching series, Seeing Clearly, will examine our core beliefs as Christians. It is our prayer that during this time God will refine our hearts and minds so we can be accurate and unified on what we believe about Jesus and the essentials of our faith.

We invite you to fast together with BridgePointe on Wednesdays during Lent.

Your fast could be from one meal or multiple - it’s up to you. Go for some, or all of the day without eating—skip a single meal or do a 24-hour fast (e.g. Tuesday dinner until Wednesday dinner).

Fasting is not a way for us to impress God or manipulate Him. It is a way for us to turn from our physical appetites and recognize our greater hunger and need for God. As you refrain from eating, be sure to devote that time to prayer.

Here are some other helpful suggestions while fasting

  1. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. If you need to drink juices or other liquids, remember that keeping a strict fast is not the goal.

  2. Don’t give up too quickly. Press through, and let your body feel the hunger.

  3. Decide ahead of time when you will begin and break the fast, and commit to wait.

  4. Be careful to not fill up your time with activities that keep you from praying.

  5. Spend some extended time with your children in prayer at the beginning of the day. Talk to them about how we need God just like our bodies need food.

  6. Use the Lent guide and your Bible reading to fuel your prayer time.

  7. Journal what you believe God is saying to you during this time.

We pray and hope that this church-wide fast will produce joy and closeness with Jesus for us. If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@bridgepointechristian.com.