Top 5 Reasons You Can Relate to The Book of Numbers

BridgePointe is kicking off 2019 with a teaching series in the book of Numbers called Mind Game. Numbers is the fourth book of the Bible in the Old Testament, before Israel made it to the Promised Land, before they had kings. And yet, this ancient text is relevant to us today. Here are the top five reasons you can relate to the book of Numbers:

  1. God is at work in our lives
    Even though they were wandering through the desert, God was doing great things for Israel. He saved them from slavery in Egypt, provided for them along the way, and was leading them toward a new and better life. Likewise, God is doing great things for us - He has already saved us from sin through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus, He provides everything we need spiritually through the presence of the Holy Spirit, and He is leading us toward the new and better life He has for us.

  2. Life isn’t always what we want
    The Israelites were stuck in the desert. It was hot, dry and desolate, and the journey was difficult. The desert was “the land in between” for them – they had already been rescued, but had not yet received all that God had for them. Likewise, we live in “the land in between” – we’re between God’s salvation from sin and the life we once lived, and the completeness we will experience one day in heaven. Things are better than they were, but not as good as they’re going to be. We still feel the power of sin in our lives and the brokenness of the world around us. Just like it was for the Israelites in the desert, life isn’t always what we want it to be.

  3. God is still with us
    And yet, despite the hardship they faced in the wilderness, God was still with the Israelites! The first 10 chapters of Numbers are instructions for how they were supposed to set up camp with the presence of God right at the center. Even when they packed up and moved, God traveled in their midst. The book of Numbers shows a God who chose to live close to His people. Likewise, when we believe in Jesus and give ourselves to Him, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who indwells us. We become the tabernacle of God. The Spirit gives us the peace, power and presence of God at all times - God is still with us.

  4. We can always worship God
    No matter where the Israelites were or what was happening, they could worship God because He was with them and had reason to worship because of all God was doing for them. In Numbers we see that no matter what comes our way this year, we have a reason to worship God. Regardless of what life looks like, God is with us, He is working among us, we are living between His gracious salvation and His glorious security of eternal life. Like Israel, we can worship God at all times.

  5. One thing can mess it all up
    There was one thing that messed it all up for the Israelites - their attitude. They had God with them, leading them, providing for them, and yet over and over again they grumbled, complained and rebelled. In the Book of Numbers we see that the attitudes of the the Israelites in the desert warn us not to repeat their mistakes, nor embrace their mindsets. Our attitude is the greatest influence on how we enjoy life and experience God.

That’s why we’re diving into Numbers this year - our attitude can greatly impact every part of our life. It can make the best of a tough day, or it can mess up the best day. We encourage you to come on Sundays and keep up with the series Mind Game. We’ll be identifying attitudes that keep people (both then and now) from experiencing God and enjoying the life He provides.

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