Baptism Story: Ishmael Perez

Ishmael Perez was baptized after second service Sunday, September 9th by his wife Suzette. Here is his baptism story in his own words. 

"I would first like to thank the Lord for providing a church that loves each other and the opportunity to get baptized in His loving house. I’ve been Pentecostal for most of my life, but I became distant from the church and God’s word. 

When I came to Rhode Island I met a friend Susette who’s now my wife. She told me about a flyer that she received in the mail about a new church called BridgePointe. Susette began attending first and then I went with her. We became husband and wife shortly after that and were married three years ago by Jared and Keith. 

God began to do a work within me. My friends and family always told me how blessed I was with a great job, car, and home. But I always felt that something was missing, a deep void that needed to be filled. I’ve always loved the Lord and prayed, I believe baptism is a next step for me because I need that void to be filled with only Jesus."