Summer Finale Baptisms - Aug 19

Andrea Freitas

I grew up knowing about the Catholic faith and I was baptized as an infant. Then as a child and a young adult I went through the motions but never felt connected to God. He was not part of my day to day life. There came a time in my life that everything had become dark – it’s hard to explain but it felt as though everything good had pulled away from me including the presence of God. Then He sent me Michelle, a good friend that I had lost contact with over the years and she introduced me to BridgePointe. At first, I was hesitant, but once I came to BridgePointe this feeling of comfort and peace came over me. I couldn’t be any more thankful for Michelle being here for me through my journey. 

I was asked once about baptism and at first I didn’t know what to think. All that came to mind is that how can I be entitled because I had been such a sinner. But as the weeks and months passed while attending BridgePointe, I realized that God wanted a relationship with me no matter what. So, I took the next step to be baptized for myself that I will follow Jesus and walk with Him always. Thank you for praying for me. I am one.

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I learned about God through my church and my parents. I want to be baptized because Jesus was baptized and He’s the Lord. I love God and I have the Holy Spirit in my heart and my soul. I know that He is always with me. I know that He loves me and He defeated the devil and He helps bad dreams go away. He died on the cross for me and He rose back to normal. I love Jesus in my heart.

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Kim Crowle  

I have always known Jesus since I grew up in a church as a child. It is one thing to know of Jesus and another to really know him. Jesus met me in my darkest and most painful time. There is no loss like that of losing a child. I lost two.  In that hardest time of my life I had no one but Jesus. I remember uncontrollably crying and praying Sarah's prayer from the Bible (before I even knew of it). I thought I was going to die right there of a broken heart. Then I felt something and my crying just stopped. He lead me to scripture about what I was going through and gave me a promise that I would have more children. Jesus led me through all the pain and fear. Now I am blessed to have three amazing boys. He showed me his amazing power and he was and is all I will ever need. Jesus is all I want. So today I take the next step with my oldest baby who walked this long road with me. And I will continue to walk with Jesus until he brings me home. I am ONE. 

Jaz Crowle 

Through my life I knew who Jesus was but never really knew him. I grew up in a church where they didn't believe the stories in the Bible were true so my family and I didn't attend another church until my grandma found BridgePointe in 2015. At first I was overwhelmed by how nice the people were but over time I grew to enjoy the people. I started actually paying attention to what Jared was saying during service. As the weeks, months and years went by I could see myself growing towards Jesus but I never wanted to read a word of the Bible. I was presented with an opportunity to be baptized a couple years ago but ultimately realized I wasn't ready and turned it down. Fast forward to when Jacob becomes the youth pastor and once we became close and really knew each other he started to talk about baptism and I would always put it to the side and say to him yeah soon. But this year when we went on our summer trip to CIY Move me and  that's when I opened the Bible for the first time and actually read the words on scripture. I loved Jesus more than ever before. Once this happened to me I knew I was ready. I want to live my life for Jesus until the day he calls me home. I am ONE. 

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When I was a little girl I had OCD (obsession compulsive disorder).  My parents and I didn’t know what it was until I was 8. I went to a hospital for kids with OCD.  Later that year I felt like I heard Jesus talking to me.  I use to have these horrible thoughts in my head. I felt like Jesus helped me see what was true.  I also had a fear of people coming into our house and hurting someone. I found that praying really helped me work through those feelings. I believe that Jesus is real and that he’ll show his amazing power but you have to give him a chance. I want to get baptized because I believe that Jesus is my Savior and I want Him to be a part of my life always and forever.

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Connie Ackroyd

I always wondered what it would feel like to have that overwhelming and convicted feeling to be baptized. I knew the day would come, like I would have that feeling like when I'd just KNOW. Well that day was today. You know, that overwhelming feeling when you meet the ONE. Or when you put on your wedding dress and know it’s the one, or walk into your home for the very first time, barely walking over the threshold and you get the overwhelming feeling that this is the one. That you're so sure because of this feeling. That there’s no guessing, no questioning, you just know. Well that’s the same overwhelming feeling I felt today while in service. I felt the overwhelming feeling of the Holy Spirit come onto me. And I never felt so convicted like today. 

During the message today, several pivotal moments happened to me.

  1. I understood for the first time why Jesus is the bridge to God and why He took our sins for us and I got it!

  2. I understood why we baptize in the process. That it marks the beginning!

  3. This was the biggest one: I understood that my baptism was my surrender, my symbol to let God know I’m “ALL IN”.

As Jared prayed over us and to have the Holy Spirit call on those who needed to respond to be baptized today, I got that overwhelming feeling and know I had been chosen. I never felt so OVERWHELMED and CONVICTED to come up and claim today’s the day! 

I  now understand the why and though I may not know the “how,” I wholeheartedly believe as I always did in the process and the journey. My baptism today marks my “ALL IN” with Jesus. 

Thank you Jared for your words today. It’s what God called on you to say. And for the Holy Spirit to overflow me with this feeling of gratitude with my relationship with Jesus and my conviction towards my baptism. 

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Tom Foley

I was born, baptized and raised in the Irish Roman Catholic tradition. I followed my family from Michigan, and eventually settled in Rhode Island. In my early years, I was exposed to both a Catholic and a secular education. Over the span of my lifetime, I have worn many hats reflecting a range of activities. My education and work experiences have enabled me to develop an ability to have an open mind, be flexible, willing to listen, and work with others.  

I met Pastor Jared through a joint affiliation with a local service club. Through this association, I began attending services with my wife, Linda. After some time, we attended programs offered on the importance and meaning of The Bible in our lives. In fact, I found it fascinating to be able to understand Jesus in a different light, and learned that The Bible provided me with a pathway for life.

In time, I questioned the purpose and need for an adult baptism. In discussions with Jared, I came to realize that an adult baptism did not diminish what was provided earlier by my parents. It would afford me an opportunity to affirm my belief that Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, is my Lord and Savior. With this belief and understanding, my wife Linda, and I were baptized on Sunday, August 19th.

I am one.

Linda Foley

I was baptized as an infant at my family's Lutheran church. We were always an active, church going family. I was raised in the faith attending Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and was confirmed. As an adult, I married at my church and have always been active in the choir, as a Sunday School teacher, member of numerous committees, and a Deacon. I have always had great respect for my parents and religious upbringing.

My husband, Tom, and I were first introduced to BridgePointe Christian Church through the activities of a local service organization. We began attending occasional services while still active in our churches. 

With time, I realized by considering adult baptism, I was not negating my upbringing, but reaffirming my commitment to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am grateful for all those the Lord placed in my life who encouraged me to grow in my Christian faith, and to continue to be a disciple of our Lord. 

I am one.