Summer Series: Don't Be a Fool

This summer we're diving into the book of Proverbs in our summer series Don't Be a Fool. Proverbs is a book of wisdom from God that helps us distinguish the path that leads to life from the one that leads to death. Each week in this series, we will look at a major theme to discover God's wisdom for all of life – the themes of Proverbs address some of the most important areas of our lives. 

31 Day Challenge

There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days in July. We challenge you to pursue wisdom by reading through the book of Proverbs with us. You can read a chapter a day in July with us, or you can read at your own pace, quicker or slower.  If you choose to do this, will you drop us a line to let us know? We'd love to pray for you as you take on this challenge. 

A few tips on how to read through Proverbs:

  • As you read through the chapter, when you get to a verse that sticks out to you, circle the verse number.

  • At the end, look back at the verses you circled or highlighted. Pray and ask God which one of these Proverbs to focus on.

  • Then take that verse and turn it into a prayer. Example: "God, I want to be wise, I don't want to be annoyed with people who offend me. I want to be wise with my words."

Memory Verse Wallpapers

Each week in this series we have a memory verse that relates to the week's theme. Part of the way we can embed God's wisdom in our hearts is to memorize these verses. We're creating wallpapers with the week's verses that you can use on your desktop or phone to help you out. We'll be updating this list weekly.