No Turning Back Reflection & Stories

Sunday, June 17th we wrapped up our study in the book of John with the final message "Resolution."  We hope you have been tracking with us through these series in  the gospel of John: we started our journey with the series Perfect Match in February, continued with Face to Face and Farewell Tour, and finally wrapped up with our most recent series No Turning Back

We encourage you to mark this moment with us by taking a moment to personally reflect and answer the following questions:   

  • What have I learned during this study of John?

  • What does "no turning back" mean to me?

  • What growth have I experienced in my faith that I don’t want to lose?

  • Have I lost any ground in my faith that I want to regain?

We also shared a video of three people's stories of how they're following Jesus closer after a moment in their lives where they encountered Him and felt His presence in a new way.  Here are the uncut versions of their stories. 

Ana follows Jesus most of her life, but always kept the best parts of her life for herself.  Her career and family came before her pursuit of Jesus. Christmas of 2016 Ana had a life-changing experience that has changed how she follows Jesus. 

Cesar was in control of his life and was busy growing his business and chasing after financial wealth. After an unexpected turn of events, he hit rock bottom financially, but found a new dependance and stronger belief in Jesus.  

Krista's mom had her in church as a child, but it took a while for the stories she heard about to become real to her.  When her aunt was sick and hospitalized, she found a moment where her faith became real. A family crisis became a turning point to trusting God and stronger belief.