Quarterly Financial Report

We know that finances can be a sensitive topic in the church. In order to maintain a transparent relationship between leadership and the church we are providing a quarterly financial update.

Our annual operating budget runs from January to December and is established by the Administrative Leadership Team, which is comprised of the Lead Pastor (Jared Cowgur), the Bookkeeper (Valerie Partridge), a Shepherd Elder (Chris Link), and three team members (Bob Engle, Joanne Chang, and Steve Kuselias). Our budget balances our anticipated operational expenses with projected weekly income, which is solely comprised of individual gifts. The goal of our budget is to wisely and faithfully use the resources entrusted to us to carry out the ministry and mission of the church. 

BridgePointe’s 2018 budget projected a weekly income of 12,000 for a total income of $156,000 in the first quarter. BridgePointe’s actual income was an average of $11,263/week for a total of $146,419, leaving the church with a deficit of just under $10,000. However, as the church grows and as people grow in the expression of generosity, we are confident that this deficit will be made up throughout the remainder of the year.

For the second quarter, BridgePointe’s weekly financial need increases to $12,500. The budget increases each quarter to enable our programs and ministries to grow with the church. This prepares us for the growth of the pastoral staff team and annual facility and utility increases. The Administrative Leadership Team is also working to rebuild a contingency fund that was depleted during the relocation project. 

If you have trusted God and supported the church through financial generosity, we extend a most sincere “thank you.” If you’re interested in giving to BridgePointe, you can give online or learn what your next step might be on the Generosity Journey by visiting the Giving section of our website. For budget or giving-related questions, contact giving@bridgepointechristian.com