Brandon & Stefanie's Story

On Saturday, April 15th, Brandon and Stefanie exchanged their vows with each other and got married at BridgePointe.  Before their marriage ceremony they both chose to be baptized as an expression of their faith in Jesus.  Here are a few photos from the day and their baptism stories in their own words. 


My faith is something that I have always struggled with in my life. I grew up in an abusive and broken home that has challenged my ability to trust in people, which has taken its toll on my faith. Even though I believe that Jesus is my savior and has died for my sins, I have had difficulty strengthening my relationship with Him. I have lived in my faith with a back and forth, inconsistent notion of trust in God. Most recently, over the past few years, my faith has been non-existent. Stephanie has helped me realize not only of the importance of a relationship built around faith but a life following in God’s footsteps. I believe that being baptized will be my declaration of my commitment to continue to grow in my faith. I want baptism to be my first act as a husband, to promise to build my marriage and family in God’s will and strengthen me to be a faithful man of God.


I have always had a deep and strong desire to live my life with Jesus in my heart. I was raised in the church and believe my family laid the groundwork for me to strive in my faith. Although my journey through faith is not one of struggle, disbelief or battle, I found myself becoming distant from God and the church and heading down a path of loneliness and selfishness. Finding BridgePointe has been a blessing and has re-solidified my yearning to fill my life with God’s Grace. This is my proclamation to the Lord that I am His and will not stray from His love. This is my vow, with my husband, as our first steps in marriage, to declare that I will be a wife, mother and child of God, through His likeness.