Baptism Stories - Sunday, March 4


Dawn Desjardin

I started going to BridgePointe when my son Andrew and daughter-in-law Kerstyn kept asking me to attend service with them. I was depressed and very unhappy so it was a nice break to be away from home. I listen to the message and felt like it was about me. Going to service and serving has helped me be a better person and happier. My life is very different now and I feel it is all due to God. Thank you for praying for me – I am one.  



Hi my name is Owen Bangs. I became a Christian because of my upbringing, however, I was skeptical until recently. I love Jesus because I can live through my life knowing there is someone who suffered so that I don’t have to. I once was lonely. I spoke loudly because I wanted someone to see me and I always sought approval. But now I’m more confident in myself no matter who agrees with me because I know I am loved just the way that I was made by God. I pray for one because I know that someone prayed for me. I am one.