Baptism Celebration - February 4, 2018

Four people chose to be baptized as a public profession of their faith in Jesus last Sunday. Here are each of their stories in their own words. 



My life before Jesus was an up and down life. At times, it was a corrupted life hanging out with the wrong crowd. But God never gave up on me. Thats why I want to renew my relationship and faith in Jesus to praise Him forever. 

Only through accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior are my sins forgiven and I’m excited to enter my new life following Him. Thank you for praying for me. I am One. 


Nicole Bathalon

As a child I was baptized and semi raised Catholic. I attended Sunday school and received my first communion. During the time of preparing for my 1st communion the priest told my mom that I wasn’t smart and that I didn’t deserve to make my 1st communion - this was the first time I saw my mom cry. Not too long after this the leader of the Sunday school told my mom that we (myself and my siblings) need to choose either to play sports or God. And at the time, we decided to choose sports.

In 2013 among a lot of other struggles, my aunt passed away from cancer right before Christmas. I was sad, I was angry and I had lot of questions. I decided for New Years 2014 that I would create 14 goals for myself. And to my surprise while I was brainstorming these goals, exploring my faith/attending different churches made the list. My aunt was a strong believer and attended church every Sunday so in a way going back to church felt like my connection to her. I started to attend Manchester Christian Church. I fell in love with worship and was surprised how real and down to earth the pastor was. The messages on Sundays were so relevant and relatable in my life - I finally felt like I was making the connection.

I was never taught that I could have a relationship with Jesus. I thought that praying had to be super formal. And I never thought that I was good enough to be accepted by Jesus. But all of these thoughts and feelings were changed when I joined BridgePointe. I was overwhelmed during my first visit with how friendly and interested in my story everyone was. I definitely would not be able to be anonymous at this church. I joined a Starting Point class and met some fantastic people and learned so much. I then started to serve on the First Impressions team and then joined a small group. I have and will continue to learn so much. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who truly and deeply care about about my relationship with Jesus and who help me learn more and more.

I know that I am not perfect and that this is a relationship that takes work and patience. I am excited to continue to strengthen and grow my relationship with Jesus and to trust in Him. Thank you for praying for me. I am ONE.


Rachel Medeiros

I have been learning about God since I was young. I loved God and prayed, but I didn't realize how much God loves me or that He performs miracles everyday. Recently, I read a book about a Christian woman named Corrie ten Boom. Corrie ten Boom showed love and peace during one of the hardest times in history that only could have been given to her by God. Her story taught me how much God loves us and what He could do for us and others if we allow Him to be the most important part of our lives. I am committing to Jesus today because I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and I want to give my life and everything that I have to give to God. I can't wait to live every moment of my life with Him! Thank you for praying for me! I am one!


Melissa Ramos

2017 was a tough year for me. I began praying and asked Jesus to forgive me because I felt unloveable. One of my prayers during this time was for someone to talk to, someone to listen and to take this new journey of Christ with, and God delivered. He sent Krystal my best friend whom I had lost contact with over the years and she introduced me to BridgePointe. 

When I first walked in, it felt like home. I’m putting my life back together and with God by my side I will be alright because His love is like no other. Thank you for praying for me. I am one.