Day 31 - Prayer & Fasting


Here are the prayer points for Day 31, March 21:

The Cross

We are less than two weeks from Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Pray for God to use this time to help you understand and appreciate, more than ever, what Jesus has done for you. 

The Word

On Sunday, we heard the story of a father who trusted in the power of Jesus. Tell Jesus where you would most like to see His power make a difference in your life and ask Him to help you believe. 

The Church

Please join us in praying that the Egg Hunt (in 3 locations) on Saturday will help people see that we are a church who cares about the people around us. Please pray that those who serve find joy in knowing that they are making a difference. And pray that many who come will become curious about the church and join us on Easter. 


These days of Fasting & Prayer are part of BridgePointe’s 40 Days in the Gospel of John.