Day 25 - Prayer & Fasting


Here are the prayer points for Day 25, March 14:

The Cross

Jesus doesn’t let our sin define us. Tell Him about the one sin that you most want to be forgiven and forgotten. Thank Him that His death has already removed it from your record. 

The Word

From Sunday, the woman at the well was looking for satisfaction apart from God. What is one thing you tend to trust for your satisfaction more than Jesus? Thank Him for never giving up on you and ask for the Holy Spirit to help you find fulfillment in Jesus. 

The Church

As we prepare for Easter Sunday with BridgePointe, please pray for our services to be filled with people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus. Ask God to give you one person to invite to these services and keep your eyes open for how He answers. 


These days of Fasting & Prayer are part of BridgePointe’s 40 Days in the Gospel of John.