Day 19 - Prayer & Fasting


Here are the prayer points for Day 19, March 7:

The Cross

Memorize John 3:16. During your times of prayer, consider how much you would have to love someone in order to make such a sacrifice. Thank God for His incomparable love expressed in Jesus. 

The Word

On Sunday, the story of Nicodemus shows how curiosity can cause us to come closer to Jesus. Share your questions with God today and pray for Him to give you courage and confidence in your faith.

The Church

Through people’s generosity, BridgePointe partners financially and strategically with OceanPointe Christian Church (Newport, RI), Renaissance Christian Church (Waltham, MA), Sojourn Collegiate Ministry (RIC, URI, Salve), Ekklesia Church (relief trip to Houston), and Teach Beyond (Christian English Camp in Moldova). Please pray for our Gospel partners to lead many people to Jesus during the Easter season.


These days of Fasting & Prayer are part of BridgePointe’s 40 Days in the Gospel of John.