Baptism Story: Gwen Leipe


I didn’t believe in God until my freshman year of college; I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people who were able to answer my questions, challenge my faith, and gently lead me to Jesus. I’ve thought about getting baptized frequently since then, but I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t “Christian” enough yet, or obedient enough, or spiritually wise enough.

In October I moved here from Maryland for a 3-month clinical rotation and in these short few weeks away from everything familiar to me, God has shown me so much about His character. God is not a God who abides by my emotions or “readiness”; truly loving and trusting Him means choosing to pursue relationship with Him and obeying what He says is good even when I don’t feel ready. For that reason, I’ve decided to be baptized today. Thank you for praying for me, I am ONE.