Baptism Celebration: September 30th


Debbie Simoneau

My journey began 13 months ago at BridgePointe. I found it to be a very caring, loving, community of people who choose to love and honor our God. I was brought up Catholic and always had faith, however, there was something missing, and I found the missing link here at BridgePointe thanks to my friends Laurie and Chris. I have been so blessed to have a wonderful family and two kids that took so long to receive, but I kept my faith and God persevered. In the past year, I have experienced personal loss and depression, but I have been able to come to terms with those times because with and through Jesus all things are possible. My life hasn’t been easy. I’ve always had to work extra hard to get what I need, but when I receive it, I’m truly grateful. By accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, my sins are forgiven and I am excited to enter my new life following Him. I am One.


Gabriel RodriGuez

I’ve decided to reconcile with the Lord and be baptized. I grew up in a Christian household all my life, spent the majority of my Sundays and a few week days at church, but I never took it seriously. Around the age of 20 I had decided to depart from the church and the way of life I was raised in. I wanted to live the “party lifestyle” sex, drugs, alcohol. I didn’t care for my life or what would happen to it. Partly because I wasn’t content with the life I was living and thought I knew what was best. It was roughly the same time period when my uncle became terminally ill. He was the first person in my life that was close to me that was going to pass away and didn’t know how to deal with it and I fell into a depressed state.

Fast forward four years ahead — I was still working and partying in the hospitality / bar / night life industry after losing my uncle, and I reevaluated my life and my career path, and chose to make a change from chef to plumber. I realized the life I was living wasn’t meant for me. But after a year of networking, reaching to plumbing companies trying to land an apprenticeship, no company had given me an opportunity. I prayed out loud to God and I promised to Him, if I land an apprenticeship with someone that I would change my ways and obey him. Three months later, on a Friday night service at the restaurant I receive a phone call from a plumbing company I interviewed with offering me a full time position. Ever since that moment I’ve been pursuing a new relationship with Jesus.

I’m committing myself to Jesus through baptism as a physical representation of letting go of my old life and starting a new life with Jesus and to gain spiritual growth and strength. Now that I’ve committed myself to Jesus, I’m excited to help serve His kingdom any way that I can and to see how He will use me to demonstrate and be an example of His love and mercy. Thank you for praying for me.