For Families: 4 Ways to Connect on a Snow Day

snowday - 1.jpg

Snow days present a unique opportunity to connect with your children in a way that can bring the family closer to each other and to God. This month, the elementary classroom will be learning all about Commitment which we have defined as "making a plan and putting it into practice". Here are some ways you can help your child practice commitment, prepare for Sunday's lesson, and have some fun while waiting for this storm to calm down.

1. Make some goals for the New Year

The best part of setting goals is the feeling you get when you accomplish them. Give your kids the opportunity to experience that by helping them come up with a realistic, yet challenging commitment. Also, help them set the time frame to accomplish it. The hope is to give your child the win of a completing a commitment, and not just another thing to do.

2. Chore Scavenger Hunt

Challenge your child to go around the house and look for things they can fix or help out with. Dishes, watering plants, vacuuming, prepping for dinner - find things they can do. Once you have found a chore, set how often they will help with it through February. Your kids will feel more ownership because they found a way to help instead of just being told to do another thing.

snowday - 1 (1).jpg

"Let me help!"

Kids love to help, so let them get involved!

3. Tackle a Home Project

Since most, if not all, of the family will be home today, take this as a chance to fix, enhance, or accomplish something cool. Have a laundry party, complete an art project, rearrange the layout of a room, or do a bit of "winter" cleaning. No matter what, do it as a family, and commit to finishing it today. As for me, my family is going to finally finish painting some ceramic Christmas houses that have been on stand-by for a month.

4. Complete a Puzzle

Nothing says commitment more than doing a puzzle. Dust off that old box, dump it onto a table, and have at it. Once your done, post a picture so everyone can see the fruit of your commitment. Hopefully all the pieces are there.

We cannot wait to hear about the fun ways your kids showed commitment on Sunday. Show us a picture or tell us a story, we would love to hear about them.

Enjoy the snow!

Mike Moran
Children's Ministry Director