From Easter to Christmas - Knowing Jesus


"Sometime the year before last, feeling hopeless, lost, and divorced from the self that I knew and could love, I randomly asked my dear friend Kerstyn Desjardin if she believed in God, if she attended a church. I had no reason to suspect that she would answer that she did. I don’t know, even, why I asked, especially why I asked her. But she said that she did and answered my questions about it. I approached her about attending services at BridgePointe, was made to feel welcome. 

Kerstyn held the door open, but did not tell me to go through it, why to go through it, or what was on the other side: she told me instead that she had gone through it, why she had gone through it, and what she found on the other side. I finally attended worship services at BridgePointe on Easter Sunday, 2017. Here it is Christmas weekend and I will be baptized: I appreciate the serendipity of that.

Among the first things that Kerstyn told me about her faith, when I asked, was that it was about a personal relationship with God. And I can’t end this statement more succinctly than that. I know Him. And if I can be a Christian like Kerstyn has been, perhaps one day some of my other friends will know Him too."