It's almost Christmas!


We're so excited for BridgePointe's Happy Christmas services this year!  Here are a few things that we hope will help you get ready for the service. 

Christmas songlist

It's easier to sing along when the songs are familiar! We've been using Spotify to share the songs we sing on Sundays.  If you don't have a Spotify account, it's free and easy to create one, and if you do – pop this playlist on the next time you're in your car and prepare your heart for Christmas.

Worshiping together with young children

We have nursery care available for children ages 3 and under (reserve your child's spot online if you haven't done so yet!) and children 4 and older will join you in the auditorium this Christmas. Here are some tips for families:

  • Relax. God put the wiggle in those little bodies – don’t stress about a little noise and movement.

  • Get a good view. Consider siting toward the front where it is easier for your kids to see and engage.

  • Explain what’s going on. Quietly explain the parts of the service and actions of the pastor, worship, and leaders.

  • Lead by example. Sing, praise, and engage in the service. Your kids will learn by mimicking you.

  • Leave to settle your child, but come back. Feel free to leave if you need to settle your child, but also please feel welcome to come back into service.

  • Infant care. If you need to nurse your child, we have an Infant room located across from the Family Restrooms.

  • On the ride home. Ask questions about your child’s experience to make new memories stick.


We created a Facebook event page for Happy Christmas and we would love if you let us know which service you plan on coming to!  It's also an easy way to extend an invitation to your family and friends. 

Catch up on our Christmas Series

As we've been learning together in our Christmas series on Sundays, God doesn't just want us to put on a happy face and make it through the season. He wants us to come to Him with all our emotions, whatever they might be. He meets us where we are, restores us and fill us with His peace, comfort, hope and joy. Now that's something to celebrate this season!

We are grateful that God Eternal chose to be born as a baby, entered our broken world, met us in our mess, all because he loves us and wants to rescue us. This is both the mystery of Christmas and the reason we celebrate. We can't wait to welcome you at our Happy Christmas celebration, December 23 & 24th