Baptism Story: Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell was baptized October 30, 2016.  The following is his story in his own words. 

My name is Adam and for many years I have struggled to be a good person and to do good by my family and friends.  My story starts when I was a teenager.  I rebelled against my parents because I thought I knew better than everyone that was trying to help me and give me guidance.  I took a dark path and at thirteen I started using drugs and quickly became addicted. I used it as a way to hide my pain and depression.  

Although I went to church during this time I did not have a relationship with God.  At this same time, I watched my grandmother who had raised me my whole life get very ill over the course of six years, and when I was nineteen she passed away.  I was crushed and angry and I turned my back from God and the church completely. My addiction continued another two years until I found out I was going to be a father.  At this point I sought out help and went into recovery and can happily say I have clean for almost ten years.  I've had ups and downs and at one point hit rock bottom, or so I thought.  

What I realize now is that God was there all along and even though I didn't talk to him or go to church, He was there waiting for me.  He was there waiting with His arms open for the day when I would embrace His love and His Spirit and pledge myself to him and help spread His word.  I have been missing something in my life for years, something I couldn't explain or possess.  I didn't start to realize this until I started coming to BridgePointe in August.  Every week I would come and I would listen to the message and I could not explain why the message always fit whatever I was going through at that particular time, but I would leave church with a sense of fulfillment and joy and relief.  

After a few weeks the message became clear, God was trying to speak to me and up until now I chose not to listen.  I realize now that by committing myself to Jesus and accepting Him into my heart that is is not too late to have a relationship with God. I am excited to be closer to God and to accept Jesus Christ into my life and to spread not only His word but my sotry as well so it may help at least one person build a relationship with God. I am excited to follow the path that God has chosen for me.  Thank you all for praying for me, I am ONE!