Big Changes to BP Staff

I’m so excited to introduce to you the newest member of BridgePointe’s Staff Team. Mike Moran has been serving in BP Kids for over three years in an increasing leadership capacity. Starting June 26th, Mike will join the team as our full-time Children’s Ministry Director. He will be leading a dynamic team of almost 55 volunteers who provide Sunday programming for about 60 children each week and partner with parents to help children grow as disciples of Jesus. The increased leadership over Children’s Ministry will provide more personal care for those who serve on the team and will take the Sunday kids experience to the next level!

Prior to this transition, Keith Cabral served as BP’s Family Life Pastor, which included leadership of Children and Student Ministries. Keith will continue to be the Student Ministry Pastor for middle school and high school students. With Mike overseeing Children’s Ministry, Keith will now be entrusted with leadership over the growing Groups Ministry of the church. With almost 250 adults involved in nearly 20 groups, this is a ministry that is of utmost importance to the church. Keith’s leadership will provide coaching and care for Group Leaders while also finding ways to provide new opportunities for people to grow as disciples in relationships. 

We praise God for how He provides for the needs of His people, the church. I’m so thankful for these two men who are surrendered to Jesus and devoted to His mission through this church. My hope is that each person in the church will find a way to use what God has entrusted to them to help one more person find hope in Jesus. 

Leadership and Teaching Pastor