Baptism Stories: May 2016


I grew up in the church.  I’ve gone to a Christian school since kindergarten.  None of this is new to me.  Yet, within the past couple of years, it has been made new to me.  I’ve seen hypocritical Christians and people that seem incredibly involved in their faith for a couple of hours on Sunday morning, but it ends there.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that this never appealed to me.  I want more than this. 

When I started coming to Bridgepointe, I realized there are many people that really love the Lord with everything and Christianity seemed more realistic to me.  I am committing to Jesus today through baptism to show that I want to live all aspects of my life for him.  I want my life to be proof of His love.  Thank you for praying for me….I am ONE.



I was 11 years old when I was baptized.  I’ve had challenges within the past few years, and this has opened my eyes to what baptism and being a Christian follower really means.  So this is me accepting that there is a God; I am not him and I need help.