Baptism Stories: April 2016


My life before Christ was filled with pain and neglect. I started to question, "What kind of God would allow so much pain"? When I moved out of my house at age 17, I decided that I no longer had to display my parents' faith – I was indeed the controller of my life. I found myself using anything to numb the pain, partying, drugs, working so many hours that it became an addiction. 

Finally late last year during an awkward blind date, I was shown what living for Christ looked like. Seeing his genuine walk towards Christ gave me hope in faith again, not just church. During my first week at Bridgepointe, the message I heard was exactly what my heart needed. It was the story of the healing of the blind man (John 9), and Jesus explained that neither his nor his parents' sin caused his blindness. I realized my pain wasn't related to anything I did, but that we live in a broken world. I felt willing to give faith another chance.

Today I am committed to being a part of Bridgepointe Church, becoming a follower, not a fan. I am excited about this and continuing life with Christ.  Thank you for praying for me. I Am One!