Making Room for More: Facility Renovation

When we moved into our current space at 850 Waterman Ave back in December 2013, we had one service and averaged 140 people on a Sunday.  What happens when you’re up to three services on a Sunday with an average of 340 people and available space for new people is getting scarce?  You knock down some walls and make room for more!  

The leadership of the church has been prayerfully considering long-term options while keeping an eye on the present. As an immediate solution, we are working on a facility renovation that will make room for at least 100 more people to worship with us on Sundays. We have knocked down the office walls already and are completing a plan for a larger lobby and extra rows of seats.

Please forgive the dust and mess and bear with us the next four weeks as we work hard to complete the renovation by Easter Sunday.  

Here is an audio clip of Jared announcing the renovation and explaining how you can do your part to make room for more.