A day to Thank God for +ONE

October 2nd marked the launch of our +ONE Campagin, our collective effort over the next several months to relocate so that we can make room for you to bring one more person to Jesus through this church. We kicked off the campaign with a service dedicated to telling BP's +ONE Story.

We celebrated the story God has been writing here at BridgePointe, one changed life at a time. We took time to offer our prayers and our gifts together as one Church in the +ONE Offering, which will provide for the financial need of the relocation. We are humbled, grateful and excited by what God is doing. This service was so important to us as a church that we did something we've never done before – a special livestream of our service on FacebookWatch the service below and join us in praying, "God, give us one person to share your love with."  

Stay tuned – we will be sharing the results of the +ONE Offering this coming Sunday, as well as sharing regular updates throughout the fall on the progress of our renovation of the new space and move.  

Devotional Guide

This resource can help you to spend fifteen minutes daily praying and reading God's word. Download our five day +ONE devotional guide.

LiveStream OCtober 2, +ONE Service