A Labor of Love

During his time on earth, Jesus’ love for others was the often the most startling thing about him. More than his miracles or mighty words, people noticed the way he treated others. If we want to be like Jesus, we need to learn to love like Him.

I couldn’t be more proud of the 2 leaders and 5 students from BridgePointe who are loving others like Jesus through WorkcampNE this week. Summer for students is often about fun, sports, camps, fun, beaches, sun, friends and fun. There is nothing wrong with those things. They should certainly be enjoyed. But it sure stands out to me when middle school and high school students choose to dedicate a week of their summer to working hard to serve others in the name of Jesus.

Through WorkcampNE, about 60 students and 30 leaders from churches across the country are gathering at Martin Middle School in East Providence this week. Each day, students and leaders go out to houses in the Greater Providence Area to do free home repairs for residents who are unable to do the work or pay for it themselves.

Why would they choose to do this? Because they believe this “labor of love,” as WorkcampNE calls it, might compel someone to explore a relationship with the God whose love is seen through His people.

Thank you to Keith, Jared (not me), Orianna, Alena, Ethan, Tai, and Andrew for representing your church so well. You have made us proud. Even more importantly, thank you for demonstrating the love of the God who gave everything for us. I can confidently say that He is proud of you, too. 

Jared Cowgur
Leadership & Teaching Pastor