Build Relationships This Summer

Summer is a great time to build relationships as we pray for one. Praying for God to give us one person to share his love with is a GREAT START! As we pray for these opportunities, we have to be intentional. Here are three ways to build relationships with those around you.

1. Allow God to Interrupt You (always)

The summer is filled with opportunities to work in our yards, go to the beach, enjoy cookouts, and take long walks.  As we experience these moments, many times God surrounds us with people. What would our summer be like if we allowed God to interrupt our plans to connect with those He deeply cares for? As we plant new flowers, what if we struck up a conversation with our neighbor instead of ignoring them? As we enjoy ice-cream with the family, what if we talked to the waitress about her day instead of expecting her to get what we asked for immediately? As we work out at the gym, what if instead of us secluding ourselves with our headphones, we took the time to introduce ourselves to the person we see every week? I bet our summer would look very different. We might sacrifice what we want in that moment, but we will find that God has someone waiting for us to love.

2. Put it on the Calendar (before)

 Most times, we have great intentions. We say, “Let’s get together”, but life happens and we forget to schedule actually getting together. Before we know it the summer is gone. And even worse, the opportunity to build relationships with those far from Jesus becomes more difficult as the craziness of fall has begun. But, what if you put it on your calendar before an opportunity presented itself? So pull out your calendar, talk with the family, and discuss a few possible dates to connect with those who need Jesus. I bet that if you block out a few evenings ahead of time you’ll be more intentional connecting with people.

3. Meet Your Neighbors (again) 

Whether you’ve lived in your home for 30 years or 3 days, building relationships with those closest to us is so important. You may be the only Christian in their life and if you are honest, they are probably the most convenient individuals for you to connect with due to their proximity. So, invite a neighbor over for dinner, or invite them to go out to eat. Use the excuse they are new, you are new, or it’s long overdue. Whatever reason, make it a priority to reach out to those closest to you this summer. 

Josh Pezold
Connections & Outreach  Pastor