Jesus Changes Everything

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. Here are people who have been changed by Jesus. They are living proof that Jesus is Alive!

KatY St. John

“I grew up in a very strong Christian household. During my teenage years, I started straying from God and making the wrong choices. I came to a point in my life where I knew I needed God. So, I began coming to BridgePointe and have felt God’s love and forgiveness. I am choosing to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and be baptized.” 

Aliah Moussa Pacha

“As long as I can remember, I have felt like something was missing from my life. Whether it was my father, mother, or just a companion. I felt like something wasn’t there. But coming to BridgePointe, I have finally found what I was missing and it was the love of God, the awesomeness of Jesus, and the warmth of the Holy Spirit. And I’m thankful for everything that the Lord has done for me and for the people around me.”



"I was born and raised as a Catholic. But after I did my confirmation, I didn’t go to church or pray except on holidays like Christmas or Easter. My life seemed to turn in a direction I never expected. I had a job I hated. I was stuck in an abusive relationship. I lost my best friend over 9 years over an argument. I would cry almost every night. I was in a dark place. I turned to God and asked him to forgive me for making such poor decisions and thinking I didn’t need him. Even though I was scared, I trusted God. My friend forgave me and brought me to BridgePointe. I’ve been going ever since with her. I’m choosing to be baptized because I wouldn’t be here today without God. I want to start walking with Jesus and serving and praising him for all that he’s done for me.”


“Growing up, my mother would make us go to church every Sunday. Growing up in Boston, I was surrounded by shootings, drug dealing, and police activity. I watched my older brother become victim to the street life and violence. I knew I didn’t want to go down the same path, so I took an opportunity to get out of the city. God must have always had a hand on me. When I met Krystal, she was into God and church. But I still felt like going to church was a hassle because I would rather stay home and watch football. But then I was faced with the possibility of losing my family. I started to reevaluate my choices and decided to start attending BridgePointe. I was introduced to John and Maggie, who have helped me with my journey. I have been thinking about baptism for a long time and now is the time to give it all to God. I have a lot more learning to do, but I am ready to take this step in my faith.”


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