Meeting the Church at Bright Lights

On Halloween night, the people of BridgePointe hosted twelve Bright Lights parties in their neighborhoods. With refreshments, glow-in-the-dark games, goodie bags, and plenty of candy, thousands of trick-or-treaters encountered a church in their community that loves them and cares about them. 

This is BridgePointe’s 4th time hosting Bright Lights. Each year the event is an opportunity for people to meet the church as a neighbor or friend instead of a building or location. Guests to the parties, especially children, responded positively to the uniqueness of the stops with comments such as, 

“This is so cool and thoughtful that you guys would do this, ” 

 “Do you do this every year? Can we come back next year?”  and 

“This is the best house in the neighborhood!”  

Sometimes a deeper level of engagement and interaction took place.  One guest remarked, "My family goes to BridgePointe and have been trying to get me to go, I feel like this is a sign from God. I am going to go.”

Just as Jesus often met people right where they were- in fishing boats, at tax collector tables, even in the midst of their mess (see John 8), BrightLights let us connect with those that are right where we are, in our neighborhoods. 

This recap slideshow captures some of the fun of the night and shares some of the experiences of the hosts who threw the parties in their yards.  Whether you gave candy, helped, hosted or just prayed for the event — thank you.  Thank you for helping us continue to find one more person to share God’s love with.