GRIT + grace Week 4: Overcoming Opposition

Nehemiah and the Israelites faced opposition from those around them that didn't want the wall built. They held a weapon in one hand while the other repaired the wall with a trowel. How Nehemiah dealt with opposition gives us an example on how we can overcome our own obstacles to evangelism in our own lives. 

Overcoming Opposition First 15 Guide
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GRIT + grace Week 3: Prayer On Purpose

Nehemiah is a man of constant prayer. The project begins with prayer and prayer overflows from his heart throughout the entire book. When we commit to the mission of Jesus, the practice of continual prayer gives us access to the insight and wisdom of the Almighty God. 

Prayer on Purpose First 15 Guide
A list of the prayers in the book of Nehemiah

GRIT + grace Week 2: Building Together

Rebuilding the wall took the help of all sorts of people, right where they were. Jewelers, politicians, families, and clergy worked side by side on their parts of the wall. Likewise, when we each impact the people around us, the hope of Jesus will circulate throughout our entire community and many people will be changed by Jesus. 

Building Together First 15 Guide
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