Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth #4: Work of God

Jesus told his disciples to go out and make disciples of all nations. But their first step in accomplishing that mission, was to go and wait for the Holy Spirit. The same charge is given to us today. The work of the church continues to spread as people who have found life in Jesus help others to find life in Jesus, and in order for us to succeed, we need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heaven on Earth #1: The Presence of God

Heaven is where God is, and often that feels otherworldly and out of reach. But for those who believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit brings heaven to earth. Through the Holy Spirit, we can enjoy all that awaits us in heaven while on earth.

We were created to enjoy the presence of the God, yet sin limits our ability to experience God's presence. Jesus died for us and the Holy Spirit came so that we can live in the presence of God.