We Do Week 3: Communion

  • A sacred meal of remembrance has been a part of the practice of God’s people for thousands of years. The Passover was instituted immediately after God’s miraculous rescue of Israel from slavery in Egypt. It represented God’s divine salvation that came through the blood of a sacrificial lamb. When Israel would observe Passover, they would remember God’s salvation and thank Him for it. During this very meal, the night before Jesus died on the cross, Jesus connected His impending death with God’s new salvation through a sacrifice. Once again, God would rescue His people. And once again, it would come through the blood of a perfect lamb. Jesus told His disciples to remember this every time they gathered around a meal. The early church broke bread (and drank wine) to remember Jesus every time they gathered. This was the tangible experience of the grace and deliverance God provided. And two thousand years later, we still share the same practice.