We Do Week 2: Sing

  • Music is common to every culture. It is written on our hearts and it stirs in our souls. Music is a powerful expression of emotion. At the right time, it can move us to tears, embolden us to fight, and cause us to smile. Music is intrinsically emotional and we were created to appreciate it. God wants us to worship Him with our whole being. Worshipping God with our emotions might be the most difficult aspect of that. It seems easier to worship God with our minds by learning, studying, and asking questions. It is more tangible to worship God with our strength by serving Him or working for Him. But worshipping God with our hearts is something that is more uncomfortable for us today. We need a remedy and that is exactly why God put music in our hearts. When music is directed toward God, it enables us to worship God with our entire being, including the emotions that are most personal to us.