Doug Taubin

Freedom and Family Coach

What is Freedom and Family Coaching?

Over 20 years of pastoral ministry experience, education, training, and Spiritual gifting enable Doug to facilitate a personal journey to healing and freedom for individuals and families, especially in the areas of marriage and family, grief, reconciliation, spiritual advising, and life coaching. Through this process, individuals, couples and families can overcome the hurts of their past or the hurdles of their present to experience the full life or freedom that is available in Jesus. The Coaching Covenant below provides more information. 

What is the cost? 

The cost of a service like this can often prevent people from getting the help they need. BridgePointe is partnering with Doug as a staff team member in order to provide reduced cost coaching for people who are connected to the church. There will still be a cost to the individual or couple for Freedom and Family Coaching, but you will see that these rates are greatly reduce by the partnership with the church. If you are concerned about the cost of coaching, please contact Doug directly to discuss payment options. 

  • Individual: $18/session
  • Couple: $25/session

How do I get started? 

  1. Email to express your interest in coaching or to find out more. 
  2. Doug will reply to your email within 48-hours, at which point you will receive a basic personal questionnaire to complete and return to Doug. 
  3. Upon receiving your personal questionnaire, you will schedule your first coaching session. You will need to read and sign the Coaching Covenant (click to download pdf) and bring with you to your first session. 
  4. As you approach your first session, please spend time in prayer asking God to produce the healing, freedom and transformation you desire by the power of His Spirit and the counsel of His wisdom.