New Shepherd: Charles Stunson

On Sunday, September 8th, BridgePointe appointed Charles Stunson as the newest Shepherd of the church. As described in Acts 20:28, BridgePointe’s Shepherds fulfill the role of spiritual leaders that lead and love, provide and protect the church. They meet the spiritual needs of the people in the church and move its mission forward. In the beginning of 2018, BridgePointe appointed its first group of Shepherds and Charles now joins this group of five in spiritual leadership of BridgePointe.

Charles and his family have been at BridgePointe for the past four years and serve on the First Impressions team and have volunteered at many of our events. He has been part of the leadership development process within the church for several years. He has used his experience in business leadership to encourage, support, and strengthen the church’s leadership. The Shepherds found that Charles possesses the character describing a Shepherd, found in Titus 1:6-9, and so presented and appointed him.

Celebrate with us God’s provision for strong leadership for BridgePointe and join us in welcoming Charles to the team.

If you missed the service, watch this clip of Charles’ appointment from Sunday.