Make it your FIRST priority to spend 15 minutes a day with God in Bible study and prayer.  


Can you believe that the Creator of the Universe wants to spend time with you? God loves you and wants you to know him. If we’re honest, though, spending time with God is often the furthest thing from our minds. What if there was a simple way to change this? 

Would you be willing to spend the first 15 minutes of everyday with God? It may sound intimidating, but this simple commitment could change everything about your day. Take the First 15 challenge by committing to spend the first fifteen minutes of each day with God.  It may take some discipline to get up a few minutes earlier or choose to do this before you turn on the TV or go online. But there is no more powerful earthly experience than enjoying a relationship with God and the best way to grow in your relationship is to spend time with Him. 

Forming a new habit requires daily commitment. By taking the First 15 Challenge and using this guide, you can create a daily rhythm of time with God. Stay committed to it and keep going. And, when you have opportunity, share with others what God is saying to you through your experience of reading and prayer. 



Reading the Bible can be intimidating. This S.O.A.P. method offers a simple approach that will help you get the most out of your time in God’s Word. It is always a good idea to begin by asking God to help you be receptive to what He wants to say to you. Then use the following structure to guide your conversation with God. 

Scripture: Write the Scripture reference for the passage you are studying.

Observation: Make one observation from the passage. 

Application: Write how this applies to your life. 

Prayer: Talk to God about what you have read. 

The purpose of this resource is to help you spend time with God. Like anything that requires discipline, some days will be easier than others. There will be days when you can’t wait to spend time with God. Other days, it will be a challenge. That doesn’t mean that you love God any less. It just means that you are human. By making a commitment, you take emotion out of the equation and communicate to God that this is a priority to you even when it isn’t easy. Your commitment will honor God and help you persevere.

Consistency is critical in order to make something important become a habit. Consistency and commitment is more important that which part of the day you choose. There will certainly be exceptions when you need to read the Bible and pray at a different time of day, but your First 15 will be most beneficial if you make it a regular part of your daily routine. 

The best time for me to spend with God each day is:  _____________________. 


The best place for me to do this each day is:  ___________________________. 


“God, you are the one true God. It is amazing that you want to spend time with me. Thank you for loving me and wanting to be close to me. I want to be close to you, too. I confess that it will be a challenge for me to spend time with you each day, but I believe you are worth whatever sacrifice it takes. Today, I commit to making it a priority to spend time with you each day. I commit to reading the book of Luke and praying to you. Please give me the desire and discipline to keep this commitment. Please teach me how to read your Word, pray to you and hear your speak to me. Please help me grow as a disciple of Jesus. And give me one person to share your love with. Amen.”