Summer Kickoff Baptism Stories

On Sunday June 11th, BridgePointe kicked off Summer Together at Bristol Town Beach. We had food, fun, caught up with friends, and had a chance to make some new ones. Five people made the decision to be baptized as their next step in following Jesus. 

John's story is one of not having any interest in church due to an incident of abuse by the church to a family member. After years of apathy and avoidance, BridgePointe became a place where for the first time, John felt that he wanted to attend on Sundays and was able to make the decision to pursue a relationship with Jesus. 

Paul has been coming to BridgePointe for a short while, and was very excited for the opportunity to be baptized.  For him baptism is a bold step to go all in for Jesus. 

Jamie and his wife Fatima made the decision to be baptized to say no to a life without God and to silence the demons of addiction and fear that have been tormenting them. As they made the decision to say yes to Jesus and publicly commit their lives, they are praying to turn over a new leaf and find a newness of life that only comes by the Holy Spirit. 

At a time of brokenness and vulnerability, Kellie chose to be baptized in order to signify her total reliance on Jesus during a time of need. Here is her story in her own words:

"I was saved at an early age, but I put off baptism for many reasons.  However, while I identified as a Christian, it wasn't until the current season of suffering in my life that I truly began to understand what this means and commit to following God even in the darkest time of my life. 

As I watch my husband leave our marriage and family for another woman while I am pregnant with our second child, I make the daily choice to turn to God. Running to God has already blessed me in so many ways! I believe that the past 6+ months have prepared me to make this commitment now that I have a better understanding of God and what Jesus did for me. Knowing I want to dedicate my children also encouraged me to take this step first. 

I am excited to continue to learn about, grow with, and follow God on a daily basis and be a light in the darkness for my children, to my husband, ad wherever else God sends me.  There is nothing He can't do!

Thank you for praying for me.  I am ONE. "

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